I’m a computer systems engineer! I love working with technology, tinkering with and optimizing new systems.

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Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015



I fix computers, lots of computers!


I design and make networks… work!


I lock it all down!


I install and optimize servers and storage!

Coding & Automation

I make and modify lots of code. I write the best scripts!

Backup & Disaster Recovery

I make sure it’s backed up. If it goes down, I’ll bring it back up!


Central Control

I’m developing a small program to help streamline and simplify common tasks with Active Directory, VMware, and other systems all in a central GUI console.

Network Diagrams

I hand-craft all my network diagrams with utmost attention to detail and organization. I try to make my diagrams as appealing to the eye as they are easy to read and understand.


Forcing Replication of AD Partitions after Tombstone Lifetime Exceeded

When a domain controller has been offline for more than the specified tombstone lifetime, it is considered bad and will no longer replicate properly with the other controllers. When this happens, new users, groups, and other objects will not be synchronized anymore on this server. It can cause issues with emails sent to these new …

Cloud Encryption using Cryptomator

In a previous article, I mentioned storing important backups in the cloud. I’m generally cautious when it comes to storing private information on other people’s infrastructure. Although cloud providers can have pretty good standards in terms of security and privacy, I need a way to encrypt my data


Working with Jack was the best decision I could have made for my computer needs… you can’t beat his service, professionalism, and knowledge…

Kelley R.

Jack was amazing. He was honest about the things I needed to repair my laptop… Very professional and polite…

Maya W.